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DE&DE/Eclecticism in the heart of Saint-Petersburg
Eclecticism in the heart of Saint-Petersburg

             This bright and airy apartment is located in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg. Our team was challenged to create a perfectly planned and airy interior. 
             The interior design is made in eclectic style which combines classic elements with minimalism. Classic stucco on the walls and ceiling decoration is harmonically combined with a plain contemporary furniture shapes.
             We gave our preference to the light color palette which is based on combination of monochrome shades with a warm brass finishes.
            Thanks to the well thought space planning we managed to create free circulation in the living-kitchen area as well as to find a place for home study. 
            In interior design we used a lot of custom made exclusive elemens made based on our drafts. Among them there are decorative partition elements in the living room, gypsum wall panels in the bedroom interior, milled artificial stone panels in the bathroom design.
DE&DE/Eclecticism in the heart of Saint-Petersburg