36 Days of Type is a project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists
to express their particular view on letters and numbers of our alphabet. 36 days of restless creativity,
where participants are challenged to design a letter or number each day.
My contribution is dedicated to the botanical field.
Aloe Vera, Buxus, Calathea, Drosera, Eucalyptus, Ferocactus, Globularia, Hydrangea, Iris Germánica,
Jasminum, Kniphobia, Ledebouria, Monstera, Nepenthes, Olea, Pilea Peperomioides, Quercus, Ribes, Strelitzia, Tigridia, 
Vanila Planifolia, Woodwardia Radicans, Xanthosoma, Yushania, Zamia Furfuracea, Epiphyllum Anguliger,
Oxalis Triangularis, Fittonia, Saguaro, Aglaonema pictum tricolor, Amorphophallus Titanum, Tradescantia Zebrina, Dionaea Muscipula, Passiflora Incarnara & Lithops.




My botanical contribution to 36DaysOfType 2019, showing 36 different plants.