A Selection of visualizations and drawings from my fourth year Landscape Architectural thesis on the Schoolscape.
The thesis working on enhancing a child's school environment for learning, play, and ecology through Landscape Architecture and its close relationship with Architecture.
The Schoolscape is the core space which a child's day to day life forms. This makes this space incredibly important for both internal activities and the influence it can have on a child's activities outside school and further life.
The School's educational core is the classroom inside the school, however numerous studies have been done showing the benefits of the outdoor environment for both direct and indirect learning.
The School has been broken down into 5 main core elements of learning which are more commonly separated.
The concept of the new schoolscape design is to allow for the school to have multiple diverse spaces which subjectively flow into each other to create a network of integrated spaces which allows the child to fully benefit from all aspects of the schoolscape.
Conceptual Image representing the subjective atmosphere of the Schoolscape.  (shown at early stages of project)
To allow for this network of spaces to be created, there had to be a close relationship with the classroom and the outdoor environment, and this architectural relationship was challenged. The classrooms all link directly with outdoor spaces encouraging the children to use the space while also allowing high level of supervision to take place.
Series of sketches looking at the relationship between the classroom and the external environment.
A series of diagrams to explain the layering of different elements within the schoolscape.
Conceptual Masterplan - Describing the divisions of spaces within the schoolscape and the links between the spaces.
The Schoolscape was located on the new grangegorman DIT campus which allowed for a rich integration between the two educational campus allowing for such links as shared large sports pitches to allow for more adventure and ecology play.
However it also allowed for a complex spacial arrangement which allows for diverse range of classroom relationships to be created highlighting the sense of development a child achieves throughout school.
Masterplan (1:200 printed on A0 for presentation)
Masterplan zoom_junior outdoor classrooms
Masterplan zoom_older children oudoor space
Sections through the site, showing the relationship between the classroom and outdoor environment and the designed outdoor play spaces.
Section_6th class playscape + Public walkway
Section_4th class Schoolscape + Public walkway
Section through north of site. (original scale 1:200)
A series of visualizations of the Schoolscape.
A 3D model created in sketch up pro. This allowed up to work with the spacial massing of the design and see how the structure of the Schoolscape can help interlink with the flow of the spaces within the school building and outside the building.
A selection of photos taken from a working model used to explore the spacial conditions created between the organic materials and the school building allowing for a richier understanding of the schoolscape.