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    How I DIY'd my wedding on a minimal budget.
Wedding Styling
How to style a wedding on a budget
These pictures represent the "Do-It-Yourself" nature of our wedding. I concepted and styled the day (and then called in the friend-troops to pull it off). It's amazing what you can create with a little thrifting, crafting and very devoted friends. Read the captions for my list of DIY tips!

Images by Gene Pease.
There should be handmade tissue poms. Tons of them. They should hang from the tree under which you will be wed.
And it will be awesome.

Hand-embroider a heart with your initials. Wedge it in the tree trunk and step back to admire.
Serve pre-wedding refreshments for excited (read: early-arriving) guests.Make it cute with nice containers, damask labels and baker's twine.
Make talk-bubble cups so people can write what they're thinking. "Hooray!" "Congrats!" "FINALLY!"
Find an antique wooden cat box and put the rings inside for safe keeping. But make sure it's a cat. Clearly.
Use more damask labels for seating assignments.
Find a plethora of vintage blue ball jars in a Grandma's basement. Attach wire, insert candles and hang from tree.
Make your own program fans with that trusty damask die-cut. Include slightly creepy animal mask photo on one side.
Display program fans in a vintage suitcase. That one you got for a buck will do the trick.
Surprise your fiance with your initials inside his suit coat, and a hankie in his pocket.
Have talented friends screen print and stitch the bridesmaid's dresses. Assign each gal a different woodland animal print: cicadas, owls, hedgehogs and feathers. Ignore Grandma when she makes a face about the cicada print.
Match the brooch on each bouquet to the animal print on each dress.
Take pictures of the wedding party at a petting zoo. Feed a goat.
Convert an old window into a chalkboard. Use it for seating assignments.
Instead of table numbers, have table animals.
Thrift and thrift and thrift for animals, amber glass and interesting bottles.
Hand-draw every single place mat. Roll and tie (with more baker's twine!) each napkin. Drink out of jelly jars.
Get your florist friends to do the arrangements and include the animals you've thrifted.
Decorate the bar table with more woodland vignettes. Use another vintage suitcase (the one with the broken lock).
Make cupcake toppers to match your wedding invitations.
Display the cupcakes on a custom-welded cupcake tree! Appreciate how talented your fiance's parents are.
Art direct the late-night dessert table. Cover foam core panels with plaid fabric (that you got for a buck)
and attach your engagement photos.
Serve squirrel and mushroom sugar cookies.
Pop open a beer with an antler bottle opener and drink with a paper straw.
Order millions of stars.