Project — ATI Boeing Accelerator
Client — ATI, Boeing, Ignite + GKN Aerospace.

ATI Boeing Accelerator is a new tech accelerator focussed on developing software solutions in the Aerospace sector, but specifically in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Sustainability. Our brief, was to create an identity that appealed to not only Aerospace engineers, but innovators across a varied space, from industry to automotive. Our solution — Aerospace, without space.

We developed a brand that focussed more on the earth that we inhabit rather than the space above us. One that looked down on the impact of the constant desire to progress higher, faster, further. This was brought to life through 'birds eye' view photography of the earth, products and materials and a tone of voice that was very aware and open. With the site now live and the first cohort of the programme soon to begin, the future of this brand is very exciting and something that we have been proud to be involved in. 

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Brand, Design + Concept 

ATI Boeing Accelerator — Brand Identity