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    kinetic object
Sleeping Bed - Rhythmic Study
kinetic sculpture, diploma project Digital Arts
year: 2009

An intricate web placed on a cot receives impulses from a network of Nitinol wire and cable ties passing
through it.
The series of arrhythmic stimuli is derived from data recorded during the phases between sleep and wakefulness.

Dreamlike (Galerija FLU, Beograd, Serbia), July 2010
The Essence 2009 (University of Applied Arts, Expositur Vordere Zollamtstraße 3, Vienna), July 2009
Alias in Wonderland (Freiraum Museumsquartier, Vienna), July 2009
Digital Traces (University of Applied Arts, Vienna), June 2009

photo by Sue Sellinger / highlighter.org