ORANGE COFFEE: Finest Coffee
Located in Düsseldorf, Germany

For Orange we created a flexible and multifunctional identity with a main focus on the high quality of the coffee brand. 
Key element of the Logo is the illustration of a coffee plant. Inspired by old biological graphics the illustration shows
the different growth phase of the coffee plant.  The name "Orange" refers to a town in Australia. 
Australia is well know for a high quality coffee scene. Therefore we add the coordinates of the town to the main elements of the branding. 
We worked together with the interior Designer Bianca Timmermann.
 Its was really important to us during the process that the graphic  elements and the interior concept work
 nicely together and create a consistent visual appearance. 

Art direction and design: Design Studio B.O.B.
Interior Design: Bianca Timmermann
Interior and Set Photography: Marc Oortman 
Food Photography: Pia Korani