Breaking Bad is a TV series that needs no introduction
So it is El Camino, its long-awaited official sequel. 
The show is so popular that it has become impossible to separate its icons from it. 
And fans know it.

This is why we decided, for the Italian launch of the movie on Netflix, 
to communicate it only to those able to recognize these clues.
The first campaign beat was a series of teaser posters
each one dedicated to popular easter eggs from Breaking Bad.
At the same time, we launched a cryptic landing page ( 
in which we gave hints to our fans about a mysterious opening in Rome. is the most popular website in Italy for second-hand purchases. 
For us, it was the perfect place to engage the fans with an unexpected announcement: 
the sale of the famous holey bathtub seen in the first season of Breaking Bad. 
To invite our dope audience to the event in Rome, we created fake infomercials 
located in Albuquerque, where the movie actually takes place. 

Finally, we brought El Camino to Rome.
Wrapped inside a giant Vamonos Pest tent, we created the first Breaking Bad "rewatch museum" 
and turned the show's most popular icons into 
15 unique experiential installations.
Agency – DUDE
Chief Creative Officers & Partners – Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Deputy Creative Directors - Nicolò Carrassi & Luca Riva
Copywriter – Andrea Galanti
Art Director – Gabriele Ciregia
Account Director – Elena Panza
Account Executive – Giorgia Marchelli
Digital Executive - Mirko Mantellato
Post Production Supervisor – Seba Morando
Motion Designer – Marco De Benedictis
Film Editor – Giulia Cosma

Netflix - El Camino (Italian Launch)

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Netflix - El Camino (Italian Launch)

Breaking Bad is a TV series that needs no introduction. So it is El Camino, its long-awaited official sequel. And fans know it: that's why we de Read More