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    Eco Steam Cooker
Eco Steam Cooker
Aura is a portable and environmentally friendly steam cooker utilizing zeolite minerals, which literally means boiling stone. “Zeolite minerals, upon being heated, release large amounts of steam from water that had been previously adsorbed. When zeolite comes into contact with water, a chemical reaction adsorbs the water and emits heat. When heat is applied to the zeolite, the process is reversed and the water is released. Because the heat is trapped in the chemical structure of the zeolite, the material never actually feels warm. It is which is why this is a “loss-free” storage method.”
By using zeolites we aim to eliminate pollution caused by using coal or wood in picnic areas and promote healthy eating.  Zeolite minerals can be charged while something is being baked in the oven without any extra energy used. Aura’s base is basalt stone, which is a good heat insulator that makes the cooker safe to move even if the liquid inside is hot. Aura has a grill to put the food on and a bell jar shaped lid to provide steam circulation.
Designers: Ayse Simsekci, Aslican Aydin, Merdol Baser
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