StiffsNotes Life Lies
A parody book pair for my Senior thesis
StiffsNotes is a fictitious company dedicated to providing insight to life's poor decision making. The two books I've created involve stereotypes of common college folk and their dating rituals. It is meant to bring smiles to faces, not wipe them off. The books are funny, thought-provoking, and partially true. Each contains 22-25 types of personalities. One book male, one book female, and are being raffled off on the website I've created to market the site.

You may notice a resemblance to CliffsNotes, and that was intentional, but not to violate any copyrights. It's an iconic cover for helpful tips, and I felt it was appropriate to mirror that for this book series. The typography is solid, but tacky looking, and the website reflects that as well.

Launch website.