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TERMINATOR  X   Game for peace
as the new Terminator film is coming to theater, Tencent added the new terminator to their game "Game for peace" and asked us to make a side by side advertisement. This work's aim is to combine Terminator with game characters and make it very stylish. Basically the blue is for Terminator and orange is for the game characters. All frames are made on Cinema 4D with Octane render, houdini for a small liquid simulation.

Client : Tencent / Agency : Dotwell / Production : DCP
Director: Dadesign | Producer: Gavin/如画
Art direction / all styleframes: zaoeyo
Animation : 威威, Tsuan, Sean 
Rendering/Compositing : Sean, Rock_Li, Tsuan, TRTT, 逃课, Dadesign(only compositing)
Models: 黄杰丰 | VFX: Kroy
Graphics: RC | Graphic motion: Dadesign
H5 Producer: 道长 | Music: Echoic Auido

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Terminator x Game for peace