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    This toy resume serves as a tangible and memorable representation of myself, my graphic/digital design, creative thinking, and production skills.
Hi, I'm Evan Light. I've been moonlighting as a freelance designer for nearly a decade and it's time for a change. Time to get back to full-time agency work. I miss browsing Getty Images and Photoshopping to the complete beastie boys discography on loop, all day, every day.. "gettin' paid, gettin' rich." 

Paper and electronic résumés are dead. Well, they are if you're really trying to set yourself apart creatively, or so I've been told. I once heard a guy wrote his on a rock and submitted it to a rock climbing company--they created a position for him. How convenient! 

The goal of this project was to create a small version of "me" to be around when I'm not. So I modified a pirate-themed, child's action figure, and redesigned the product packaging to display key features of my résumé.

My first target? Brunner--a full-service advertising agency based in Pittsburgh, PA where I interned in 2007. They have an opening for a Digital Designer and I'm already friendly with a few members of the team. Cha-ching!

Wal-Mart provided an adequate selection of action figures that resemble me in some manner. I flirted with the idea of using Dwayne Johnson's GI JOE character "Roadblock," because I secretly want to be The Rock, and what respectable male in his late 20's wouldn'twant to be a GI JOE? The unfortunate reality was that the GI Joe packaging had too little visual real estate and I'm not a 240lb, bald beast. Some day... some day... 

In the end I chose the Jake and the Neverland Pirates figure (below) based on box size, hair style, and enthusiastic facial expression.
I picked the box apart very carefully to ensure everything remained well in tact for measurement and reassembly. Once I had the box schematic laid out, next up to modify the doll.

Strategic application of a pneumatic grinder quickly removed the bandana, pirate boots and ridiculous vest. My hairline has decided to recede a few inches in recent years, so the bandana became my extended forehead. 

New paint covered my tracks and after a few different beard and jean variations I was pleased with the base doll.
I traced and recreated the doll in Illustrator. The front and rear of the box contain real photos of Brunner building, and the rest of the theme mixes Brunner corporate identity with my own. My personal statement was placed largest on the back, skill specs and interests in a small side profile, and the rest of the box was filled with quirky toy imagery: Fisher Price = Fairly Small Price, Evan Talks: "Hire me!" "What vacation days?" Special edition badging: "Now with More Experience!"

The packaging was printed on adhesive, laminate vinyl. The outline was dye cut and I carefully applied it to the box with some friendly assistance.
After drawing, cutting and assembling the blazer from a felt square, complete reassembly was a lot of fun with a little Krazy Glue! All original attachments were used including the yarn arm-ties and plastic backing. 

This was an exciting deviation from the typical, apply for job > send digital résume > wait for response process.