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Posters III
The Biopölitan Project
The Biopölitan Project invites graphic designers to use their tools and skills to say something about the planet we live in, about the things and organisms we share this space with and about the fact that they might not be around us tomorrow unless we give our ways a second thought. The donated pieces will be either sold individually or published in a book by the end of 2012, all proceeds will go to environmental associations.
Special Edition Poster for the 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Last year, early in 2010, while working in New York, Mike Macchione and I used to watch the Sea Shepherd documentaries in the conference room during lunch. I was really impressed to see how bravely they confronted whalers and by the way their actions were directed to be effective, fearless yet not necessarily violent.
A few months later I went to see Xavier Rudd perform in Barcelona and noticed that he was selling the Sea Shepherd's merch along with his own. Inspired by this, I created the artwork of a whale and offered it to the organization as a donation which they accepted with amazing and inspiring kindness and warmth.
Many thanks to Annie Fickes and Jennifer Johnson.
King Pigeon Yoga Posters

Series of posters designed for the
King Pigeon Yoga Center. Located in Brooklyn, the Center offers innovative and classic ways to discover Yoga by the hand of accomplished Yoga instructor AC Berkheiser.
Swaan + Christos USA Tour Promo Posters

Promotional posters for the 2011 Swaan + Christos USA Tour, two songwriters performing each other's acoustic repertoire. 
Together We Type & Divided We Fall

Typographic composition for the Black White Design book.
Posters III