Personalized online music community 
I did almost everything design wise with the help of the most incredible team. 
1 - Kick Sitemap
Nice isometric sitemap that shows the entire kick experience
2 - Personalized Home Page
Please note that this design is from 2001.

Kick was the first of its kind personalized music service on the web. All you see below are screenshots from my live, dynamic personalized experience of As you can see, my home page only shows me information about the music I like and also shows me friend activity.
3 - Artist's Detail
Each artist got a very rich profile on that included recent news, concert info, and fan activity. This created a very fun user experience. As you can see here I have not rated Incubus.
4 - Album Detail
5 - Find People (Search UI)
The community section was a big enhancement to I think this is one of the first social networks before social networks (my space then facebook) became popular.
6 - Search Results
Like everything else on Kick the people search worked really well! I completely designed this search experience (waaaaay back in 2001). And yes, yes I did draw those goofy people icons.
7 - User Profile
Here's a screenshot from my profile on kick (note, this is not my actual photo). (1998 - 2002)
user's avatar
Stephanie Sawchenko (1998 - 2002)

Kick was the first of its kind personalized music service on the web. Kick was a start-up that operated from 1998 and was bought by SONY corporat Read More