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Fontacular 2019
This year I had the great fortune of working on the 2019 Fontacular campaign for @MyFonts. The project was one of the most ambitious undertakings I've had and afforded me the opportunity to create over 20 unique illustrations & type expressions, buttons, stickers, a pendant, and a custom screen print which was printed by the fine folks at Grand Palace.

Needless to say, this project was a big one!

The theme we went with was "Exploration & Discovery" and through it, I wanted to showcase brave explorers venturing into Land, Sea, & Space.

There's a lot to enjoy here so rather than filling this page up with lengthy explanations, I'll keep the info light and let the images speak for themselves.
In keeping with the Land, Sea & Space concept, I opted to create 3 simple icons which would be used as needed on the marketing materials and images.
Promo Images
These 3 promo images were created to house different content on the Promo page of the site:
Type Expressions
In the images below, you'll see the 18 illustration & type expressions I created for the campaign. All of these fonts are available here:

I've included 2 sets of images - one with type, one without.
Fontacular 2019


Fontacular 2019