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    Created using Cinema 4D and VRay. This took roughly 3 days to make. More renders to come!
I created the following XBOX using Cinema 4D with VRay rendering engine. I like having everything I model to be as detailed as possible so I made sure to detail every port on the back. I also included objects like internal fans, vents, etc. This model took me about 3 days to make and was great practise!
Here is the final Model. I detailed every port as best I can and even included the fan behind the side vent. I wanted to make sure no matter what angle you see this XBOX from, it looks as perfect as possible.
Here is the XBOX in it's natural textures. I was able to take a great picture of the stickers on the back to make the labels you see. Sadly you loose details like the fan inside the vents when textured all black, but that's how it is on the actual XBOX so I can't complain.
If you haven't checked out Defiance, it's an incredible game created by Trion. There is also a TV show playing at the same time. What happenes in the show, happens in the game and every once in a while Trion has a contest where your character can end up in the show.
Wildstar is not being released for consoles, I just love the look and feel of the game and thought it would make this XBOX stand out!
Here's a closeup of the details I included on the back. Every port was modeled inside and out. This was the hardest part of creating the XBOX.