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    Design study of a near future carbon pursuit bicycle, a merge between the classic Cinelli Laser and the state of the art Look 596.
Pursuit Concept
Design study 2010-2011
Mom Cinelli Laser, dad Look 596 = Pursuit concept.
Speed, direction, strenght.
Steering concepts.
Ballpoint sketches.
Look KG666 Pursuit.
MAD Fiber Look.
MAD Looklogo Pursuit
Cinelli Laser 2013 Carbon Pursuit Concept.
Zoom Cinelli Laser 2013 Carbon Pursuit Concept.
3D build of the Pursuit Concept Wheels. Build in Rhino, rendered in Maxwell 2.5. LOOK Carbon fiber disc in the back, MadFiber EN i the front.
Close up of LOOK disc.
Current status. The geometry from above bikes is placed as 2D object between the wheels. The Pursuit Concept frame will be finished in July 2011. Follow the thread at Swedish Fixedgear forum HERE