Teller – A Magazine of Stories. Issue 3
Teller – A Magazine of Stories 
Issue #3
Teller is a new magazine, based in London and Berlin, that foregrounds visual material alongside new writing to tell brilliant stories. Contributions are drawn from any medium or discipline that can tell a story on the printed page. They may report a real event, or be works of pure fiction. Often they are both and neither, combing fact and invention, documentation and imagination.Teller’s editors believe in the value of a publication picked up for pure enjoyment, and that intelligent ideas don’t need to be obscure. Focusing first and foremost on the universal appeal of a good story well told, Teller is both thought-provoking and a pleasure to read.
Neue Gestaltung GmbH
Anna Bühler, Pit Stenkhoff, Simone Schöler
Katherine Hunt und Ruby Russell, London