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#HCGang — HAVANA CLUB, 2019
Case Study

Brand repositioning campaign
Havana Club
— June 2019


In the last years Havana Club has been losing Share of Voice with the younger generation. In Romania, Havana Club had a significant brand awareness only among the 36+ consumer age group and it was perceived as mainly as the Rum with a ‘Cuban Origin’.


The challenge was to reach out to a new audience: the Next Generation of Rum Drinkers. To position Havana Club as the cult spirit brand for Gen Z, while also engaging the already existing fans.

We embraced the challenge and set out to become A PERSONALITY EXPRESSING ENABLER BRAND through an active brand presence in each point of interest.

We knew Gen Z didn’t like labels and aimed to change the world through social media, sarcasm, puns, self irony. 

We knew we were a brand of Rum, we had fun. 

We were not there to change the world, but this didn’t mean that we couldn’t support those that do.


Havana Club became Havana Gang #HCGANG  

The aim was to encourage consumers to become a member and shape an inclusive world while having fun

Together, we were mocking stereotypes while creating a Streetwear Collection with influencers, consumers and Sneaker Industry, a local streetwear brand to launch at Electric Castle 2019.

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Social Media posts

PR & Communications: Fantazia PR
Creative Direction, photography, videography & design: Dsgnr Studio
Client: Pernod Ricard Romania

#HCGang — HAVANA CLUB, 2019

#HCGang — HAVANA CLUB, 2019

Brand repositioning campaign