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    Corporate Design for a farmer.
Design meets farmers market – for the project “redesign the market” 12 designers get the chance
to work with local farmers from the traditional „Kaiser-Josef-Markt“ in Graz, Austria.
Below you can see my project – the new branding for Werner Hostniker, a farmer who
is specialised in the production of apple juice and cider. He also sells a range of apples.
Beside the Corporate Design the main focus of the project was the design of the bottles, one 
for the apple juice – labels with illustrations and a typography-mix – another one for the 
cider – a minimalstic version with the logo sprayed on the bottle and hang-tags.
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Josef Heigl
Illustration: Matthias Göttfert
Product Photography: Josef Heigl
Letterpress: The IF OG
Copyright: Josef Heigl, 2013
Thank you  for watching.