sentient (being)
sentient (being)
installation, 2010
We live in the age of the quantified self. Physiological data is recorded over periods of time, and its
evaluation and interpretation is carried out with the help of machines.
Electroencephalography and imaging methods are used to measure patterns in brain activity during
cognitive processes or affective states.
Bionic limbs, deemed Science Fiction not so long ago, can be manoeuvred via EEG-based
technology. The translation of thoughts into the physical world seems to be within reach.
So how does an object behave that is being fed with data derived from the result of brain activity
The installation sentient (being) is a result of artistic interrogation into that type of questioning.
Knitted tubes in combination with modular parts made of steel wire shape an irregularly textured,
dynamic body that is adapted to the Showcase. The motion dynamics are algorithmically arranged
impulses, derived from measurements of a physiological rhythm.
Laura Skocek went to a sleep lab in order to identify her cognitive fingerprint during the phase
between sleep and wakefulness.

Material and room concept in cooperation with Lena Schwentenwein

August, 5th- September, 25th 2010, 10am - 10pm,
Angewandte Showroom, MQ Vienna, Electric Avenue
Finissage: Sept. 23rd, 19h

sponsored by
TU Graz E-Power Racing
photo by Peter Kainz /
sentient (being) reconfigure(d)
installation and performance, 2012

Laura Skocek, Raffaela Gras and Lena Schwentenwein developed a grammar that allows a performer
to communicate via movement and change the exisitng rhythm of the object. The mutual influence
of performer and object evokes new behaviors in each other. The pre-recorded rhythm was derived
from EEG-data during the state of falling asleep and is changed slightly with each interference.

The performance refers to our exchange with technical artefacts and the control we seemingly have
over them. We live in the age of the quantified self. Physiological data is stored in order to gain
insight into the behavior of people, spread of disease and used in order to produce a model of the
human mind.

How will this data be interpreted and used furthermore? Will we produce artefacts that defy understanding
or will we be able to come to terms with them?

Concept, mechanism, object: Laura Skocek
Textile material and room concept in cooperation with Lena Schwentenwein
Performance: Raffaela Gras
Poetry: Joshua Muyiwa
Electronics: Lukas Raschendorfer
Video: Laura Russo, Jennifer Schwartze and Christoph Gruber
sentient (being)

sentient (being)

For the installation sentient (being) a physiological rhythm measured during that phase is being transferred onto an object, seemingly bringing i Read more


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