Aquariums are great tools for connecting the public with marine life and inspire people of all ages to take care of the ocean and its species. Jellyfish are often judged on their appearance, as ethereal entities that seemingly float along the currents of the vast ocean. In truth, there are hundreds of species and all are unique. For example, one species has twenty-four eyes and according to an ancient folktale in Japan, long ago the jellyfish had bones.
At See Level is a unique exhibit put on by the Scripps Birch Aquarium that showcases these extraordinary creatures in a unique light. Aquarium visitors will learn scientific facts and folklore about jellyfish on display while immersing themselves in this exhibition. Fascinating concepts will illuminate patrons beyond the jellyfish’s alluring exterior appearance and create a deeper well of understanding. 
I created a series of typographic jellyfish that could be used to brand products sold in the gift shop benefiting aquarium conservation efforts. These included towels, beach pails for children and solar powered jellyfish lighting. Exhibition graphics and promotional billboards use this brand language to attract guests and encourage them to pay a visit. 
Process thoughts.
Immersive exhibit branding. 
Exhibit advertisement.
Beach towel.
Beach pail.
Solar powered jellyfish lanterns.
At See Level

At See Level

Event branding for a jellyfish exhibit at Birch Aquarium in San Diego, CA.