Everseen - Case Study

So, what's the plan?

Find Everseen's niche market, discover insights, set goals and design like a mofo!

The branding strategy was established several liters of coffee later, after identifying and determining Everseen's niche market profitability based on competition, audience, industry challenges, leaks and needs, and the problem that our hero solves.

Then and only then could we extract and fine-tune the essence of our hot shot, prioritize the needs and establish all the means necessary to build a future-proof brand.
A strong, consistent brand is one with personality. But what's that supposed to mean? Well, you usually know it when you see it. It's about its vibe, man! And about its reputation on the market and amongst their target audience, about voice and looks, benefits and value. That would pretty much sum it all up.

Brand Attributes

What got out from our diggings was an innovative, creative, confident tech sage that targets those innovative retailers who want to be part of a better future.


Designing a brand with personality.
Once we agreed on the branding strategy, we went back to the drawing table (which was actually a whiteboard) to implement our master plan.

To provide the brand with a futuristic look that would reveal Everseen as a technology trailblazer, we translated the company's value proposition into a tailored visual language that speaks the language of retail.

Logo Refresh

There comes a time in the existence of a company when its visual identity no longer fits the vision and mission. 'Twas Everseen's case as well.

When refreshing the old logo, we went for a mix between nostalgia and anticipation, between tradition and innovation. As a result, we decided to marry the original Everseen brand mark that reminisces about the good ol' days with a futuristic logotype that brings up front new perspectives.


Speaking of futuristic logotypes - super sexy and slick, the sans serif projects a sense of innovation and professionalism and remains one of the hot topics on the futuristic visual spectrum. After all, it's not only about what you say, but about what font you use when you say it.

With Everseen new color palette, we moved away from the conventional rule of blue-bleaching a technology company.

To bring the future promised by Everseen's disruptive technology into the present, we went for a daring chromatic blend of deep shadows - represented by black and grey - and brilliant highlights - marked by orange.


The photography we employed zooms in the two most important pillars of a retail business: technology and customers.

The future inclines towards simplification which is why we designed a fine set of minimalist easy-to-get-and-hard-to-forget line art icons that express perspective and focus.
Tone of voice

Informative, proficient, grounded, the voice reinstates the company's capabilities and points out how Everseen steps in as a problem-solving disruptor for retailers' main challenges.

"AI for managing sale process integrity at the point of sale."

"Point of Sale Exception reporting can only detect 5% of irregular activities."

Bottom Line

From day one, we set out to increase brand awareness and establish Everseen as a retail technology disruptor.

After conducting extensive research and applying it to our brainstorming, strategy, and design, we carried out a new brand positioning and refresh - and provided Everseen with a futuristic look that honors its core values.

In the end, we managed to turn a technology company into a sophisticated, minimalist future-proof brand that raises the bar and sets a new standard in retail technology.
Website Redesign

Designing an Interactive Pitch

Having the mood all set up, we then laid down all facts and figures - core values, mission, vision, target, challenges and - AND! - a new visual identity - and brainstormed so hard that we even got a code red weather warning.

Once the [brain]storm was over, our ideas started to shine one by one. For starters, we needed a new website and we needed it ASAP! Before even starting our research on the look-feel-and-utility of Everseen's website, we defined the goals.
Web Elements

Having done a brand refresh and established a new set of guidelines for Everseen’s future creative ventures, we went forward to designing and developing the website.

Based on our research and strategy, we gathered up on a digital mood board all the inspirational visuals we could think of - photography, textures, illustrations, descriptive words, website layouts, transitions - to help us find a style for the website and provide assistance to Everseen's stakeholders to understand the concept - or even feel free to join the mood swing.


After creating a visual climate for the website, we moved on to outlining its anatomy - what elements do we want to showcase?
How do they connect? How do we organize and prioritize the content? How do we efficiently illustrate Everseen's solution AND create a seamless user experience? How many sections will the website have? How do we define the structure and relationship between them? Why do we need them? Do we need them?  How many cups of coffee did we have? Is there any coffee left?

Shortly put, we built a logical layout that would keep the design and code altogether and help us meet Everseen's business objectives. And doesn't bore our users.

Web Design

We created and organized the website content to gradually transition from the retailer's challenge to Everseen's solution, and include in between all the nuances that connect them.

We applied our brand's guidelines all over the website and went for a minimalistic approach that reflects and highlights Everseen's focus. The black and white combo sets the limits between sections, and makes room for the website items to manifest - line art icons, texts, headlines, buttons, shapes - and come forward.

Our goal was to combine the useful with the useful. On one hand, we made sure to include the right amount of information that would help Everseen reach its business objectives. On the other hand, we organized the content so that the users would get a smooth valuable and experience.


To get a brief but valuable glimpse of Everseen, we started by translating the design into code and ensure a smooth functioning & fast loading on all platforms and devices.
We passed the website through a series of filters and concluded with a user-best-friendly, mobile ready and, obviously, good looking interactive pitch to !flabbergast! Everseen's clients.

And voilà !

Everseen's website is the expanded version of a business card - its end-goal was to influence the decision making of Everseen's audience - that of employing Everseen's technology - and boost both owner and user experience.

What was crucial in our website design and development process was to define the information hierarchy and find the perfect balance between user experience, Everseen's target market needs, Everseen's business objectives and Everseen's visual identity. It was challenging but we nailed it.

The Robot

Everseen was built around AI technology, so we decided to embody that into a anthropomorphic futuristic-looking robot.
Many hours of RnD and look development later, we ended up with the finest visual analogy of Everseen’s technology, concerns, and objectives.

Besides, robots have the concept of "future" plastered all over themselves. And Everseen's robot makes no exception. I mean, look at its arm.

Visual Effects

We shot the footage and used visual effects to align Everseen’s technology with a contemporary, high tech look-and-feel. 
The reason we decided to go for eye candy scenes in Everseen’s video had both visual and practical considerations. First of all, they provide audiences with an innovative look-and-feel and ensure the future-proof trait of the brand.

Secondly, visually appealing scenes keep potential clients engaged and help them get a better understanding of Everseen's impact over their business - and that translates into boosted sales.

The AfterEffect

To reach our target audience and meet our goals, we developed a live-action with track elements and managed to fancy the interaction between visual effects and actual footage.

The video revolves around our main character, a futuristic-looking robot - the visual metaphor for Everseen's technology -  as it walks the user through a pleasant and eye-opening visual experience.

Considering a picture is worth a thousand words, we turned 4 400 000! words (excluding the overlay texts and voiceover) into a video that seduced even Walmart.

See for yourself:


If bringing future into the present was our main objective, then why did we bother with .ppts?

We're designers, for Pete's sake! We can turn anything into precious designs, and since Powerpoint is the benchmark in business communication since time immemorial, we applied our skills to its environment to take Powerpoint itself to a new dimension.

Everseen lays the groundwork for the new wave of retail technology.

From the very beginning, Everseen was destined for success. Finding its right niche market and employing clear-cut digital marketing tactics brought the company right in the front-yard of its audiences.

By enabling retailers to implement its proprietary detection solution, Everseen has successfully managed to solve the most prevalent challenges in a store - and is currently one of the biggest technology developers in the retail industry.
Everseen - Case Study