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    Sad Comics, a scintillating new comic series from talented artists Roman Muradov, is coming to the iPad!
Sad Comics App
for IPad

Get your copy on www.pretentiouspress.com
Drawn & written by Roman Muradov
Art director Stas Bashkatov
Produced by Komarov.mobi & HonkFu
Sad Comics, a scintillating new comic series from Roman Muradov, came to the iPad.
Need a good laugh? How about a good cry? Sad Comics will make you do both (possibly at the same time).
Immerse yourself in a surreal world of delight and dismay with stories ranging from a dying fish’s delusions about seducing catty Eva Braun…
…to a decadent bear befriending his brain cancer…
…to accounts of a graveyard visitor with a job offer for the nearly departed:
The first issue of this fantastical series is available for free. Additional issues are available as in-app purchases: