is an online cook book. My wife is the chef, the researcher and the writer. I design, develop and photograph. 

It is a website about food, and not a blog. To differentiate and make it stand out we put good food from all over the world and real recipes at the center. It is not about people, dieting or lifestyles.
Front page
The interface is based on the fact that people use smart phones and tablets in the kitchen, they need larger text and images fitted to their viewing distance. 

The site runs on ExpressionEngine, all responsive, hand coded from scratch using flexbox and sass (no floats or frameworks here).
Recipe page
Category icons. I made a separate Behance case displaying the evolution from 2010 to 2016.
Chromebook mockup based on work by Daniel Bolyhos
Nexus 6 mockup by Vladislav Litvin