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    The man who stole the sand and tricked the devil - born for a book project
The man who stole the sand and tricked the devil
A weak … sun had reappeared after the strong storm.
“Wandered aimlessly through the deserted streets, lost in his own thoughts. Sit on a bench as stupid ….
From the port came as screams sounds of sirens of ships, filling the air of restlessness. Then something totally unexpected startled him. That face that he had tried was there, a few feet from him. It was the devil “
“William Baker was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Dublin. His father abandoned him, that at that ‘time was only three years old, and his mother, leaving them in a state of misery. Baker, an introvert character,  learned to play the violin , so can maintain him and his mother. During the years through the fault of his difficult character and discrimination by kids his own age, he began a process of isolation and rejection towards others, abandoning the world of music afterwards.  After the death of his mother could not stay longer in the crowd and got nervous with ease.
One autumn day, he decided to go and live far from town, in a house on the beach where no one would no longer bothered him .But soon the summer came, and the life of the city became animated  on the beach, creating disorder to Baker.
In this case, he thought, if he had stoled the beach no one would ever set foot in that place. He decided to steal the sand the same night, but the beach was huge, stretched over kilometers. At night he stole the sand , trying to fix it in the house. There was sand everywhere, into the cups, vases of flowers, and even in the drawers under the bed.
All the gaps were filled with this grainy compound. The beach was still there and the house was filled with sand. Need to find another solution to make it disappear. Thought to recover it in an hourglass, but the only person who could ask this favor was the devil in exchange for his soul wanted.
But he wants to deceive both : the devil and get rid of the beach without pay with his soul. “On the following day when the devil put  the beach into the hourglass, Baker hid a handful of sand in his pocket. Asked the devil to enter into the hourglass and stomp the sand. When the devil came into the hourglass,  over his head ,Baker toward the handful of sand from his pocket and closed the hourglass, so the devil remains trapped in the hourglass forever and ever.