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    A microsite and viral videos for the LG Decoy.

Client: LG Mobile USA
Product: LG Decoy
Agency: Publicis Modem
Creative Director: Paulo Melchiori
Associate Creative Director: Marcus Park
Art Director: Cassiano Saldanha
Copywriter: Marcus Park
Developer: Eben Hilmer Hall
Production Company: MRB Productions

The LG Decoy had a built in BlueTooth headset. If you held it up it looked like the phone was giving a piggyback to a tiny version of itself. And thus the idea was born. The Lonely Blue guy was a tiny chap who has lost his other half. He spent his days wandering the streets and occasionally jumping on to the backs of strangers who he thought were his buddy. Alas he never found his match. Until one day at the beach he saw his other half and ran to him, jumped on his back and headed off into the sunset.