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    Visual identitty project for Sesc Art Exhibition 2012
The Sesc Art Exhibition 2012 presented artists with the work based on the appropriation
and re-appropriation of materials and a variety of media.

Based on this concept our studio, Papanapa, designed its entire visual identity,
proposing not only one logo, but many combinations of it, generated from the re-appropriation and combination of its icons.


Project selected to be presented at the 10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, 2013

For more info, visit Papanapa
Study of symbols for each category
Final symbol and colors for each category
First line: Literature / Music / Dance / Theatre
Second line: Visual Arts / Artmedia / Movie / Workshops 
Final logo and logo animation showing some of its possible variations combining parts of all the symbols
Final catalog with stickers for people to create their own cover and logo
For more info, visit Papanapa