Qilive Air purifier Q.6815

Air purifier Q.6815

For years, air purifier companies have made clean air over-priced and over-complicated. A fan and a filter is all you need to breathe clean air in your home. Crafted from the ground up, our Q.6815 is the world's most cost-effective air purifier, it gives you the most clean air/dollar of any purifier, and it’s quieter too.

The world's most cost effective purifier

More Clean Air, Less Energy. The Q.6815 is more energy efficient than the most popular air purifiers on the market. With SmartAir, we analyzed the performance through over 10,000 hours of test data, we chose a filter that maximizes performance, price, and life-span. 

Q.6815 is durable made

The Q.6815 comes with sustainably sourced, European beech wood legs. The whole construction has been simplified to deliver the most efficient  airflow treatment with only 38W of energy consumption.Sustainability is at the core of the purifier, from Smart Air’s certification as a B-Corporation, down to the 100% recyclable packaging we use.

Developed with a certified social enterprise, Smart Air aims to fight the health effects of air pollution. 
Together, we’re driven by the urge to improve the world we live in.


119.90€ - Qilive air purifier - Q.6815 
19.90€ - HEPA/ Carbon filters

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Qilive Air purifier Q.6815
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