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    Email app for the Nokia Asha 305 and 311 full-touch phones.
Email app for Nokia Asha 305 and 311
Year: 2012
Genre: Mobile native app
Asha 305 and Asha 311 are Nokia's first full-touch devices aimed at emerging markets, such as Brazil and India.
Email deals with a large volume of data and that can be particularly challenging when the app runs on affordable hardware, such as the Asha series. Picking up the work started by other designers, I fine-tuned the layout of the mailboxes (e.g.: Inbox, Sent messages, Drafts) to show a reasonable number of messages without compromising the performance.
In the same context, it took me a few iterations to the nail the design for autocompleting email addresses when people are writing new messages. In the end, the behaviour actually boosted people in their tasks, rather than getting in their way.
Readability is essential in Nokia Mail. That is why message view is so slim; on a 3" screen we had to give as much room as possible for the text. It is also why we could afford to have a more "battery draining" full white background, it gives a better contrast for reading longer texts.
Although it looks very simple, Nokia Mail is a full-fledged email client with all the features you would expect on a mobile phone. It supports multiple accounts; it alerts you for new messages even if you are not using the app; you can attach files and pictures to your messages and much more.
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