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Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies

Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies
Forever lost in history, the mystery of how Apollo, Venus, and Euripides lost their limbs. Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies asks the question, what if these famous statues were protected by Manulife? Since launch, Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies has garnered over 1,600,000 views on YouTube. Partnering with TBWA\Singapore, “We wanted to play on the drama and tragedy surrounding these famous ancient icons to first get the right attention this campaign message deserves. By bringing back Venus, Apollo, Euripides and Bathsheba, we’re hoping a little history will make a significant impact.” - Colin Koh and Douglas Goh, Creative Group Heads at TBWA\Singapore.

The Making of: Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies 
We used our custom in house facial capture system to bring these famous statues to life. We then morphed these performances into the statues faces to achieve the final look.

Manulife: Campaign works usage
The Campaign spread through out Singapore from Taxis to... 
To traveling in person on Pekin Street. 
Where participants scanned each statue for an interactive augmented reality experience 

Manulife: Images used by in campaign works
What if they had been protected by Manulife? Ancient statues come alive.
Manulife Singapore

Creative Agency:

Producers: Sung Lin Gun, Liew Mei Yun

CG Production:
Director: Tan Wen Hao
CG Supervisor/ Look Development: Alex Scollay
CG Lead: Remus Low
CG: Aishya Gulam, Benjamin Woo, Zheng Hou, Tan Yin
CG Modelers: Zeljko Mihajlovic, Bosko Ognjevic

Music & Sound:
Song Zu

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Manulife: Reimagining Ancient Tragedies