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Dashboard Charts & Graphs
Dashboard Charts and Graphs​​​​​​​
 Visual elements such as charts or graphs help us better  understand the data       
that was processed. But it's hard too choose which one is better, a chart or a        
graph? Even more so when there are multiple types of charts and graphs such     
as: bar chart, column chart, pie chart, gauge chart, line graph, polar graph,           
    hex graph, centimeter graph or isometric graph.        
Data numbers need context
Without context, charts are less effective
When adding the data in a dashboard you should always add 
context such as data of your competitor in order to compare them. 
Without context, your dashboard will be less effective. There are 
other ways to provide context such as listing the goals, show 
statistics from last year, display industry standard for a metric.
Keep it simple & easy to read
Simple UI and legible text are a need
Effective dashboard design has to have a simple UI, legible font, great colors,       
symbols and vizualizations to highlight important data. All of these points will let    
the user read and sift through information faster and get the data that he needs    
Dashboard Charts & Graphs

Dashboard Charts & Graphs

Dashboard design best practices