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    Edible is an organization brand that works for benefit of people affected by food allergy and foodservice industry. It works as a centre where th… Read More
    Edible is an organization brand that works for benefit of people affected by food allergy and foodservice industry. It works as a centre where the people and the service meet and share what they have to help each other making the issue easier for everyone. The brand works as an indirect communication tools among the people and the service. It allows them to contribute their own information that also anonymously helps improve the database of the brand. This makes the database always update making other members of the organization also benefits from each other. Edible works digitally across many platforms providing services to its members. The website works as a hub of information where members register and provide their information to the brand. There are two types of member in Edible; edible.member or normal user who are the people with food allergy condition or the curious and edible.professional which is the foodservice that joins the organization. Edible.member will be able to create their profile that will include their general information, their allergies and level of severity of each. This will allow the website to personalize content for each members according to their allergies and interests. The member will be able to communicate with other members via forum, browse the archive contains researches, articles and information about food allergy, read edible.blog which posts all kinds of latest contents related to food allergy and, last but not least, browse the edible.professional members. What they will find when browsing edible.professional member’s profile is general information about the member and their ‘ediblelize’ menu. What does it means by ‘ediblelize’? Ediblelize is the function that allows user to select allergens that they allergic to and the function will screen out the items in the menu that contains specific allergens. This will let the user to browse the menu safely without food that contains their allergic ingredients. What made this possible is the edible.professional members. The foodservice that joins edible needs to, first, agrees to edible’s food allergy friendly practice act that they will provide safe food for people with food allergy with well understand about it. Then, they provide their information about themselves. And the most important part is providing their menu with each items tagged with ingredients used in every stages of preparation. These tags will not be visible to other users allow them to keep their recipe secretly safe but will helps when edible.member ediblelize their menu. As well as normal member, they will be able to browse the archive, read the blog and participate in forum discussion. To promote the brand, I think the brand should not be promote themselves as commercial product or brand but should be something rather like raising awareness to people. Therefore, I come up with two campaign-like posters for the brand which are ‘know your food’ and ‘know your allergy’. The intention of ‘know your food’ poster is to promote the brand among foodservice industry and encourage them to have full understanding about their own food so they can serve customer safely. The ‘know your allergy’ is intentionally to promote the brand for people with allergy and raise their awareness that knowing their own allergy is the most important thing to them. Read Less
Edible is my major project on conceptualisation of an organisation
working on helping people affected by food allergy and the foodservice industry.
My research question was "How to improve eating out experience for people with food allergy?".
more details in project description
© Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan
© Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan
© Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan
© Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan