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    Kummer & Herrman "Poppy" Awards and Reviews
"Poppy, Trails of Afghan Heroin" has won a gold medal at the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis and has been nominated for Best Dutch Photo Book at the Kees Scherer Award. It has recently been shortlisted for the Dutch Doc Award. The installation received the 1st prize at the Canon Zilveren Camera Award, is a finalist at the New York Photo Festival and received an Honourable Mention at the Lens Culture Award.

Two projects realized by Kummer & Herrman are nominated for the 2013 European Design Awards. Both "Poppy, Trails of Afghan Heroin" by Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong and "Kiev" by The Sochi Project have secured its place in the European Design Awards competition. Winners will be announced during the ED-Awards Ceremony in Belgrade on June 8th. 

Some reviews on "Poppy, Trails of Afghan Heroin":

Jon Levy, Foto8 
"It sets Poppy upon a pedestal of immense photographic, journalistic and design achievement. (...) I stated when I first saw the book that it re-affirmed my belief in the power of publishing photojournalism. I have no doubt that it is my book of the year and a project that will be highly valued for decades to come."   

Paul Loomis, American Suburb X 
"Poppy works a kind of magic. It is not a news report or a compilation. Rather, the authors tell a complex story, and their insight, gained from decades of traveling opium's routes, enables us to glimpse the poppy economy and its causes in surprising detail. Immerse yourself in this book and you will emerge believing the world to be a very different place than it was before Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong led you on Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin." (rated 9.5)
The book "Poppy, Trails of Afghan Heroin" is currently on show at the Contemporary Photobook Exhibition at Lucid-ly in London.