These demonic imps have, of late, become very common throughout the woodlands of the Western Kingdoms. Small and vicious, many worry that if these beings were to band together in large numbers, they might easily overthrow some of the smaller cities in the region.
Luckily, cowardice appears to be one of the chief features of this species, and they quickly retreat at the sight of one of their brethren falling in battle. Although Fallen seek to congregate together, so far only small encampments have been found, with no obvious overall organization.
While there are wild rumors of Fallen Shaman Priests leading camps of Fallen, supposedly with the power to raise them from the dead, this has yet to be substantiated. Carvers and Dark Ones, tougher cousins of the Fallen, have also been seen closer to the fringes of civilization, indicating that the Brothers' sway may be stronger than previously understood.
Sculpted in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya and MentalRay.