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    Logo design work from Portfolio Center grad school, by Jeanee Duval.
Logo design, by Jeanee Duval.
Logo design work from Portfolio Center grad school.
This Vaseline mark and symbol rejuvenates the nondescript look of the current Vaseline mark.The lowercase wordmark gives Vaseline a clean and youthful look while the serifs keeps a traditional and nurtured feeling.The new symbol updates Vaseline's branding by providing a recognizable symbol beyond the wordmark. 
Roostersrise Beer
A symbol for a Portland, Oregon beer company.The logo is a play on the words rooster and sunrise. The flirtatious eye of the fowl with his wild comb and the morning sun rising over the horizon are both present in this logo.
The Toronto mark truly represents a world within a city.In Huron the word Toronto means,"meeting place." and Toronto is Canada's major gateway and entry point into the country. The outer circle that partially encompasses the smaller circle reflects the city of Toronto. The smaller circle communicates Toronto's mosaic of cultures and the diverse life the city offers. To resemble unity, Toronto ligatures are formed between the letter "T" and "O." All of the elements work together to form the diverse identity of the city of Toronto.
There are over twenty pyramids in Mexico. These elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture temples steps metaphorically lead up to heaven.The Aeromexico mark is a symbol of the Mexican pyramid steps and the movement of the Aeromexico plane through the air.
Genaissance Pharmaceuticals
Genaissance is a world leader in  the discovery and use of human gene variation for the development  of a new generation of DNA-based diagnostic and therapeutic products.The Genaissance mark consists of an abstract combination of DNA strings to form a star.Each string comes together to symbolize their divisions and strength through research and products.
High Museum of Art
The new mark for the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, is a friendly lowercase typeface with custom ligatures that signifies the harmony of all of the new museum's buildings.The serifs keep the traditional feel for a major public building for the city of Atlanta.The three dimensional square shape above the letter "I" represents the façade and grid of the building.The square inside signifies the windows of the High, which admits natural light and offers framed views of the city.
Torino 2006 Olympic Games
The Torino 2006 Olympic Games emblem strives to symbolize Turin, ItalyThe center of the emblem symbolizes the Turin's awesome and original symbol, Mole Antonelliana. Two arms of two people connect in a celebratory "high-five" to form the silhouette of the Mole and to symbolize the unity and human expression of the Games.The center of the emblem represents the mountainous horizons of the city, while the horizontal shape represents Turin's many rivers.