To create a lively, familiar, easy to use BBC site for web and portable devices that will keep the users coming back for more.

For my solution I wanted to create a something that was familiar more than anything with a hint of simplicity and easy to use functions for all age groups. I chose to add a side bar to the design. The idea being its easy to navigate around the site, many people are familiar with sidebars and the crossover between Web presence, Tablet and Phone presence would be an easy transistion. 
Adding another sidebar to the right side of the screen for the updates was another easy choice as it fit with the design. The content is designed similar to the windows 8 'tiles'. The content will update on the spot making it again easy for the user to view up-to-date stories and more. 
Adding a 'My Section' to the design allows the user to create an account and store articles, results, shows, etc to their page to watch, read and share at a later date.  
Thank you for viewing,
& please Appreciate.