City Food Pantry is a non-profit organization located at San Diego City College. The group is dedicated to helping students succeed in their education by making sure there is food available so they can properly focus on their studies. Creating an environment of growth and encouragement, the pantry also builds a healthier lifestyle through community partnering and connects it’s services to the student run urban garden. 
To further their goals, I decided to craft an identity that would resonate not only with students but attract local small business benefactors. Once the identity was established, it was vital to inform students about this food service should they find themselves in a sticky situation. The logo puts the familiar in an unfamiliar setting by morphing a heart shape into a piece of fruit. I coupled this icon with the slab serif, largely geometric font Rockwell. For the information campaign I developed a slogan “fuel edu” that was used on posters, advertisements and environmental graphics throughout the campus. Reusable water bottles, collection baskets, and an insightful website bring their message and nutrition home to students in need.
Process thoughts.
Branded bottle to use as a fundraising item.
Information about their available services.
Basket to distribute amongst small business and local dwellings to gather food to give to students in need.
Environmental QR code linking to website.
Advertisements located around transportation areas to further inform students of City Food Pantry.
Horizontal navigation.
City Food Pantry

City Food Pantry

Branding and awareness campaign for non-profit organization at San Diego City College.


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