4SHO was the product of a group of lively Japanese teens spiraling into a Japanese idol franchise. The name has a double meaning. In American slang, “Fo’ Sho” means “For Sure” and playing on that word, the four members of the band ironically have names beginning with “Sho-”, Shoki, Shotaro, Shota, Shoji. How awesome is that?

For the upcoming summer of 2013, 4SHO needed event branding and something unique for their limited edition, available only at the concert venue, CD single. Using their love of the 70s and Japanese pop culture as inspiration I blended these influences together for this project.

To communicate the spirit of this band I developed a custom font called Astra Display with rounded corners and youthful personality. Using vibrant colors from the seventies I crafted comic book portraits of the band. Branded items include back stage passes, tickets and hand fans that could be used by adoring concert fans. The compact disc packaging is simple but fun for fans because when it’s torn open on one side, it releases the folds of the cover and the packaging turns into a poster for fans to hang on their walls.
Process thoughts.
Astra Display letterforms.
Astra Display specimen.
Illustrated caricatures  of band members.
Concert collateral: backstage passes, tickets, fan.
CD single given to concert goers. Package converts into a poster.


Event branding for a fictional Japanese Band called 4SHO. Developed branding and acompanied typeface.