As a brand, Caia Caecilia aims to embody and impart the traits and virtues of the Goddess Caia Caecila, the
Roman goddess of fire, hearth, healing and women. Caia Caecilia is a high-end hat boutique, which creates one of a kind fashionable hats in New York. They pay careful attention to their craftsmanship and deliver excellent service to their clientele. Their mission is to fashion hats that become an essential accessory and target upscale women ages
thirty-five to fifty.

Despite their status, these unique hats are versatile and eco-friendly for the modern goddess. Using designer surplus fabrics in luxurious textures and colors these glamorous hats make a statement. I designed a custom logo and lively patterns coupled with an earthy palette that pulls hues from nature and the hearth. Branded applications include hatboxes with artful embroidery and receipt wallets. 
Logo progrss sketches
Process thoughts.
Hat box and branded scarf.
Receipt envelope with receipt and care instructions.
Advertisement for fashion week.
Caia Caecilia

Caia Caecilia

Branding and advertisement for a fictional hat boutique located in New York City.