Orca Concept
The marine animals, like orca, are reallyastonishingly beautiful. The styles of their bodies are shaped by the natureduring the thousands of years of evolution to fit the rules of fluid dynamics.
For the China.net Automotive DesignChallenge, I designed this concept car. Inspired by the shapes of bodies ofwhales, it is an efficient vehicle.
After all, it is not exactly the same shapeof a whale. Using the kind of structure of two pieces of slices, the car looksslim and simple.
F-WHALE is electric powered. The electricitycomes from the fuel cells. The two slices of the car are charged with differentelectric properties. Of course the outside of the slices is protected with insulatingmaterials.
The most interesting thing is the “door”. Asyou can see, the floor of the vehicle will come down with the seat and turn tothe outside of the vehicle. It is quite different from the designs today.