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    Instant messaging app for the Nokia Asha 305 and 311 full-touch phones.
Chat app for Nokia Asha 305 and 311
Year: 2012
Genre: Mobile native app
Asha 305 and Asha 311 are Nokia's first full-touch devices aimed at emerging markets, such as Brazil and India.
My goal, as part of the product team, was to balance the app. It had to deal with a large amount of information and, at the same time, allow people to quickly switch contexts. In a chat app, it is fundamental that people are able to move from one conversation to another without too many steps. It is equally important that people are aware of new incoming messages.
Another aspect that required extra care was adjusting the amout of visible messages when replying. The virtual keyboard takes a lot of screen space, leaving very little for the conversation. However, people still need to read the messages, even with the keyboard open. In the end, we managed to show a reasonable amount of text and still allow scrolling through the conversation.
The app supports a good number of instant messaging services like Facebook Chat, Gtalk and Windows Live Messenger. Since Nokia Chat is built for a global audience, it was translated in various languages, including right-to-left languages. It required a very flexible layout in order to account for all these variants.
Nokia Chat is fun and easy to use instant messaging app.
Contact list (main screen)
Ongoing conversations
Accounts list
Replying in a conversation