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    A pitch project for a local bank - Bank Islam
This is a pitching job for a bank - Bank Islam which included a few seperator. Tagline given by the client was "Reshaping the Future".
The arabesques and geometric patterns of Islamic art are often said to arise from the Islamic view of the world. To Muslims, these forms, taken together, constitute an infinite pattern that extends beyond the visible material world. In the first seperator, a simple pattern is shown multiplying into another sophisticated yet beautiful pattern symbolising the group's strong basic of teamwork and organisation. And then when comes to the second seperator, geometrical shape used to map stars for direction guidance represents the group's direction towards every goal they had set and when goal is set, the group began to expand and thrive for excellence, just like what is shown in the third seperator where the geometric pattern in the art of Islam that can extend infinitely.
Main point here is, when the group have a strong foundation of synergistic employees, they can starts to set their ultimate direction, and after the direction is set, only then the journey of excellence can begin.
-credit to my collegue copywritter who provide the tagline and copywritting of these 3 seperator, Thanks!