Noli Studios

Noli Studios

While most industries have gone through disruption, living still remains largely untouched. Since 2018, Kallan & Co has partnered with NREP, a Nordic real estate investor and innovator, to develop and launch their new progressive serviced living concept. The partnership has included concept design and naming, brand strategy and identity creation, web development, and digital and physical touchpoint design.

Brand concept and identity inspired by the Nordic way of living.

The logotype combines the playful Noli wordmark with the minimalistic sans-serif Studios type. With its clean-lined overall appearance, the logo seeks to emphasise the Nordic values of the brand.


The iconography is based on simple line drawings with a light stroke weight. The style is simple and playful with rounded corners and disconnected ends.

Brand Collaborations

Along with the brand identity building, we later worked in close collaboration with NREP to further enrich the Noli Studios customer experience by supporting them in building brand collaborations with local Helsinki-based companies.

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Noli Studios