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The future of mobile unfolds
Galaxy Fold
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We needed to show the phone as realistically as possible but with dynamic close-ups that offered a premium look and feel to the phone. We enhanced shadows and reflections on the phone to create an atmosphere throughout all product shots that defined modern luxury. When demonstrating more technical aspects of the phone — the folding mechanism, for example — we utilized accessible and fun microinteractions to make it interesting and simple to understand.

The design, copy, and source were disseminated to 26 countries, with care taken to ensure that when copy was translated into local fonts. type alignment would not affect design. Included in the package was SEO keywords, meta tags, web accessibility, and optimized search for the various countries accessing the page.

Highlights. Galaxy Fold defies category with the foldable Infinity Flex Display, seamless app experience, and six powerful cameras.

Design. Introducing the breakthrough foldable display: Infinity Flex Display on Galaxy Fold. Backed by an articulated spine and encased in brilliant, futuristic colors.

Experience. Galaxy Fold is engineered to be both phone and tablet, with an ergonomic design, seamless experience, and multitasking that lets you do even more.

Camera. Galaxy Fold boasts a revolutionary, intelligent six-camera system flexible enough to shoot from any angle and optimizes your photos to be shareworthy shots.

Performance. With 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, Galaxy Fold lets you do more like no other phone. And the dual cell battery works as one, with enough power to share.

Accessories. Easy-pairing wearables, luxurious protective cases, and a convenient battery pack make the most out of Galaxy Fold.

The future of mobile unfolds
Galaxy Fold

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Kim Wheekyoung - Project Manager
Oh Garam - Lead Planner
Lim Inseong - Planner
Kim Hyewon - Planner
Dana Melanz - Copywriter
Kim Junyoung - Creative Director
Choi Wonjun - Lead Designer
Yang Gwanghoon - Designer
Lee Dami - Designer
Kim Junghee - Designer
Lee Eunhye - Designer
Jeong Dayoung - Designer
Yeon Ahyoung - Designer
Kim Wonkyu - 3D Designer
Joo Seunghyuk - 3D Designer
Jang Semin - 3D Designer
Lee Wongyoon - Develop Director
Choi Inhan - Lead Developer
Choi Yoonjung - Developer
Park Gyutae - Developer
Gong Ahreum - Developer
Jeon Sohyeon - Developer

Samsung Galaxy Fold global website

Samsung Galaxy Fold global website

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone ushered in a new era of mobile innovation. Breaking the boundaries of what a smartphone does, the Galaxy Fold Read More