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    Construction projects I have been involved in


This portfolio shows a few glimpses of my work in Engineering and Construction projects. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of graphic records from those days so I have tried to gather as much as I can from my files and then I have added publicly available pictures.

The projects are not in chronological order, the sequence kind of reflects the impression they left on me.

I hope you find this interesting.
The Petronas Towers were the highest buildings at the time. Entrecanales (Acciona) won the Fit Out Contract in 1995 and I was sent to Malaysia for two years to be the Mechanical & Electrical Manager for the project..

We received an empty shell and had to provide all interior finish including all the services (HVAC, Fire Prot, Electrical, IT, Plumbing etc.)

I lead a team of some 30 people and our job was to co-ordinate all the building services so that they would actually fit and comply with all requirements. Later the coordination drawings were distributed to the subcontractors and the whole thing was closely supervised by the Owner through a slow and difficult submittal procedure.
But we got it done!     I shot this picture in April 2010, still there!

Next pictures belong to the Almaraz nuclear power plant in Cáceres (Spain)

I worked for Entrecanales (Acciona) inside a JV with Bechtel and SENER and the project's main goal was the replacement of the ailing steam generators inside the two nuclear reactors.
The reactor's pool can be seen in this picture. It was covered with a protective net during the project. The reactor housing can be seen in the middle of the pool.
The steam generators had to be handled with a special purpose crane (white) that can be seen mounted on top of the plant's rotary polar crane. Here one of the units is being slowly tilted upwards prior to being lowered in place.

The two auxiliary small electric cranes (yellow) provided all around support to carry out the works.
An aperture had to be bored through the contention dome in order to extract the old equipment and bring in the new one.

The reactor head can be seen here as it is being hoisted inside back from temporary storage. The brand new generators can be seen in place, with no insulation applied yet. Main Steam pipe and supportation are there, just waiting to be connected to the new equipment.
I was officialy in charge of primary loop operations (bottom of the generators, where they connect to the reactor circuit)  during night shift as mechanical field engineer so my usual workplace was actually down bellow and little can be seen in these pictures!

I had great colleagues, most of them from Bechtel. I learnt a lot from those people and altough the project seemed extremly tough at the beginning I almost enjoyed it at the end. I was the last engineer to stay in the night shift and altough that was personally hard I felt proud the Team would trust me in that position.

And yes, the project was completed ahead of time!

Security Systems

This is how I got to know the Entrecanales Group.  In 1989  I  quit the company I founded and landed a job in a small company (ETIME) devoted to implementing security and fire alarm systems in very demanding environments.

This is something I knew nothing about but it allowed me to know some really peculiar places, like the Spanish FNMT which is the official facility for Engraving and Printing. They print stamps, bank notes, engrave coins etc.

The system was quite complex and bulky, since this was some years ago I imagine it has been long replaced with a new high tech thing. They had extremely high security standards and you felt a little bit like in a prision when walking those corridors.
They never allowed us to take any. How unfair, they had lots!