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    Honest Code brings the beauty and majesty of the Pacific to the web.
Reef Experience
Standards-Compliant Site Building
Reef Experience is a theme park attraction concept aimed at an up-and-coming beachside resort development that wants to create an experience that guests will want to visit time and time again. Featuring opportunities to interact with both live and replica ocean species, Reef Experience both educates and entertains.

With a limited startup budget, Honest Code worked with Seen+Noted to develop a unique, single-page website that highlights the very best features of Reef Experience. With parallax scrolling, the website visitor learns more about the project as they -- almost literally -- dive deeper into the page.

With developers and resort managers in mind, the Reef Experience website offers not only general information about the project, but also a custom, editable extranet for prospects and leads. With a custom version of Honest Code's PadEdit and Cimsy software built in, the Reef Experience staff can efficiently communicate and present to top officers at resorts coast-to-coast.