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    Underwater Visual Art Series by Ilse Moore
Underwater Visual Art Series
by Ilse Moore
Model: Elsa Bleda
I've been working on a variety of series the last few months, some fashion, some fine art, some commercial... Whenever I work on a particular series it takes me back to the moment we did the shoot. The magic never fades.
It is always tempting to change an image or a series into something expected, perhaps into a beauty shoot, or one that will grab attention through bold colours and clear water, but there's often something that gets lost in doing that... Perhaps what is lost is the true meaning of the moment.
This shoot has been one that I probably struggled with the most up to this point.  I feel the images contain something so raw and powerful. There seems to be a struggle and a surrender at the same time... My choice to keep it simple and create a soft mood in them is due to the feeling that there seems to be an unspoken spiritual understanding between myself, the "viewer", and the "bride". She gently fades into her own world...