Old Comtech package was inexpressive and hardly identifiable. It’s even worse that the package differed for different products: various graphic techniques, typefaces and colors were used, even the logo was pictured in different ways.

First of all it was necessary to bring all products design to some standard, to make the brand easy-to-recognize and to remember, easy-to-distinguish on shop shelves. Usually you can see almost all spectrum colors in lighting technology departments. So you can’t make something notable here with a color. Besides, the brand has a wide range of products with different color-coding. It could be a good solution to use minimal-color technique: bright solid color without gradients and clear presentation of some information. But this method is already used by GE lamps. So, another solution has been proposed:
Main corporate element is chequers design. Repeating pattern draws one’s attention and is quite notable among solid colors on other producer’s packages. It is easy to-replicate on any bearers and formats. In addition to solving all above-listed practical tasks chequers bring emotional note in package design. Usually lamp packages are either aggressive bright or high-tech cold. Textile chequers pattern is more friendly and humane, it has some home comfort sense.

In addition, a lamp image is placed in the corner for some symmetrical lamps. So you can make a whole image placing two neighbor sides of lamp packages. This brings some game aspect into package design making it more interesting and attractive.

And as bonus one of concept drafts