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    Various illustrations for personal projects and art shows from the past three years.
"the vineyard"
"guard your heart / house on fire" tattoo collaboration with cody eich (scrollwork by codyeich.tumblr.com)
"guard your heart / house on fire" (detail)
"tinbeard: it was in retrospect that he came to understand how fortunate he was to have an empty chest"
"your timing was dead on" (with details)
"the diving bell"
"i'm gonna take you back to the seventh grade"
"he saw it coming and did nothing to stop it"
"beardkitten: espresso"
"date knight"
"empty nest: don’t confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them”
"empty nest" (details)
"french-pressed dreams"
"explore!" (for my nephews)
"doubt it"
"most would call it hopeless wandering"
"let's just be friends"
"oh hello, kitten"
"beardman bookmark"
"the policy"
"hunting season"
"heart strings"
"you were a house on fire"
"chasing rabbits"
"risk & rewards" v.1
"feather-brain" (detail)
"treeboy pt. 1"
"treeboy pt. 2 (you knocked a hole in my chest and made yourself at home)"
“being around women feels like i am trapped in a kitchen with a velociraptor like in that one movie”
"you left quite a mark, on this old wooden heart"
"you left quite a mark, on this old wooden heart" (linework detail)
"grasping at the air where i thought you'd be"
i closed my eyes all too soon
and before i knew,
my ribs had been tangled
and my heart pulled through”
"it’ll be a long fall when you let go"